General FAQs

  1. Who are the folks behind this thing? @sam @heather @techstars @connetic @valor
  2. Which cities are you available in?
    • TX: Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio
    • CA: Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose
    • Other: Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Cincinnati
    • and more coming soon!

Client FAQs

  1. How much is it: $50/hr + 10% service fee for ALL events except weddings. We do not shoot weddings, no exceptions.
  2. What is included: Expect on average 50 photos for every hour covered delivered via an online gallery within 24 hours of the event. Logged in customers can bulk download the full set of event photos.
  3. When will I get my photos: within 24 hours
  4. Why is the delivery fast: Magic! But seriously, we have AI powered technology that edits all photos so our photographers can focus on what they really love - taking great photos instead of spending hours behind the computer.
  5. Can I see my photographers work: We do not share photos by specific photographers as it is our responsibility to ensure all our photographers take great photos and we edit all photos. Here are some sample galleries to give you an idea on the quality to expect from our photographers and technology. For birthdays, corporate events, conferences, parties
  6. Do you do video: We do not currently offer videography services, nor do we maintain a list of preferred vendors.
  7. Can I order prints: Not at this time; however, you can download photos from candidly and upload to a third party like Walgreens
  8. How many people can your photographer cover: One photographer can cover an event with up to 200 people. We would recommend booking a second shooter if you have more than 200 people or if you need photos taken in multiple rooms simultaneously.
  9. How many photos should I expect: Expect on average 50 photos for every hour covered